Sloppy Ridley Scott?

I saw THE COUNSELOR today. I see why it tanked. There was a lot of talking in the first hour that could’ve been cut out. I mean, who cares about what some moronic club owner thinks. Seriously, dude, that stupid lawyer just said he’d do it…so stop yapping already! Other than that, it’s great. It’s a flick about consequences. “Don’t do the crime…” The deaths left me with a sense of dread – and for once I was glad I didn’t have a s*tload of cash. I’ve heard lots of folk say that more money means more problems. Maybe they’re not all just running their mouths.

Anyhow, what was with that stupid white Bentley? What a boring f*king lout. They could’ve at least used a hard top. Fassbender was good, and Penelope was adequate… but Cameron Diaz was truly amazing as the bitch with those beautiful cheetahs. The car scene was funny, especially with that cheesy Euro techno banging while she rubbed herself against the windshield of that Ferrari. It was so obvious they put it in for shock value… but, whatever. Ridley Scott used to have a much more terse way of movie-making, and it seems to have gotten kind of sloppy. I wonder if he started doing that after Hollywood complained about his flicks being too fat-free. Still, he’s great at setting up the premise, and building up tension, because you know the s*** is going to hit the fan, and when it does, it’ll be pretty scary. He’s a genius, especially when compared to the clowns directing movies today. Here’s hoping PROMETHEUS 2 won’t disappoint.


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