Google has the right idea…

…by going after wireless. Cable’s already been taken, so Google’s way of controlling the world is by acquiring wireless customers. Let’s see how this works. Everyone needs entertainment, and watches movies/ shows one way or the other. There’s two ways to get this: cable, or wireless. Cable is pretty much ruled by Comcast (who, by the way, used to be the evil monster… until G came along). There are a few other providers, but, let’s face it, they probably don’t count for much when stacked next to Comcast. The other form of communication is wireless. So, here comes Google Fiber! And why not? Google already has everything to make this new venture a rip-roaring success. First, Google already know everything about you. If you use a smartphone, it knows you and all your secrets: how lonely you are, what your fantasies are, and what you want to see on the screen when you’re alone at home. Next, Google Fiber launches and eats up market share. The next logical step will of course be, to create content. With everyone and their mother desperate to launch a show, that’ll be a piece of cake. End of story. Or, should I say, Game Over!… for all those silly cable companies and network execs, anyhow… they’ll just have to go f*k themselves (hello Bonnie Hammer! But, darling, you DO look fabulous on the cover of THR!), because Google will own the entire world. But maybe that’s not such a bad idea. Perhaps the Google God is listening, and will bring back BOSS. Here’s hoping…!


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