The next big cellphone fad

Build your own cellphone! No kidding. Google’s Project Ara is about making a ‘modular’ cell phone that you can customize yourself. You’ll never have to buy a ‘new’ cell phone ever again. Pretty cool, huh? And companies like Vestigen are already making smart sensors that you can plug into such a phone, that can do things like measure water quality or blood sugar levels. The market pilot will be done in Puerto Rico, where folks will be able to buy these phones from food trucks.

In other weird news, Amazon will open up brick-and-mortar stores! Yes, and those will be former Radio Shack stores. That is correct… stores from the very company it helped drive out of biz. And why is Bezos doing this? So he will have somewhere to show his own company’s products; and it’ll be a place for collection, returns, distribution, and pick-up. It’s all law of the jungle, folks… after a prey falls, its carcass gets picked apart by its predator.

Right. Now I’m off to see in just how many ways Google is attacking Microsoft.


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