Fifty Shades of Boring

will do well at the box office. Why? Because women like seeing themselves being dominated by a ‘powerful’ male. I recently said this on Twitter and this woman tweeted back: “reductive argument.” Well, the truth IS pretty fucking simple. It’s very reductive. There’s nothing I can do about it. If someone else has an explanation for why this flick will do so well, please let me know. I mean, these women going to see it KNOW that it’s about a girl being abused sexually and emotionally. Worse, there’s no substance in the story beyond that abuse. Grey’s secrets are a complete bore. If there was some horrifying reason for him to act that way, the abuse would mean something. Or, I don’t know, if Steele had a screw loose too. Something like that. But no, there’s nothing! Johnson just lets the abuse hang like that, like some unnecessary appendage with absolutely no raison d’etre. And yet, women will flock to see this POS. It’s so sad.

I wonder if women like a powerful male presence because it’s so ingrained. It’s ingrained in everything we do. We’re trained to think that way. Of course it’s become more subtle over the years, but it’s still there. The sad thing is, it’s being perpetrated by women themselves. Example: high heels. They hurt like hell. Yet women wear them all the fucking time, because they “look good.” Seriously? Then why don’t men wear them? Is it because men know clothes don’t really matter? Sure, dress sharp, but dress COMFORTABLY. That’s what men do. Maybe that’s why they accomplish so much more than women. They’re not burdened by stupid fucking baggage that our mothers and sisters help place upon our shoulders from the first day we become self-aware.

I would like to make it clear that I have nothing against the author, or the director, or the people associated with the product. The studio merely tailored the flick to its prospective audience’s expectations, in order to the get the best return on its investments. That’s just business. It’s really nothing personal. It’s nothing personal! It’s not some group of guys making decisions for the filmmaker, and intentionally trying to portray women in a bad light, or some dumb shit like that, as so many misguided women think. The studio knows its audience will probably be 90% women, and so they are merely giving the audience what they want to see, so they’ll tell their friends, and in the process cause the sale of more tickets. It comes down to, women want to see a woman being dominated by a powerful man, and so the studio is giving them what they want.

It’s so important to examine what your beliefs are. Be honest with yourself. Be cuttingly honest about what makes you tick – even if it’s something that may be looked upon as weak or pathetic. Be aware of it. Know what motivates you. Knowledge is power. And it’s important to have power over yourself. Only then will you be the only person influencing your actions.


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