The non-existent female superhero

This was a puzzle to me until Fifty Shades of Grey blew up in theaters in the US. It did okay in the rest of the world, but there’s a big gulf between our box office and the other countries (Valentine Day’s weekend gross: 81.7M; in the UK 21M; $15.2M Germany; $12M France; $10.5M Russia; 9.1M Italy; $8.9M Brazil; $8.6M Australia; $8.1M Mexico; and 7.9M Spain. Source:; Ben Child. Interestingly, the flick isn’t doing that great in Japan – and the book didn’t, either. But it’s still early.).

I won’t argue *why* women flocked to see the movie. For that, please refer to my previous article on the subject, on this blog. The fact remains that they stormed the theaters, and made this POS that elevates rape and abuse a huge, HUGE success. Women KNEW that this flick was about a woman being abused and raped by a man; yet they went to see it. No one forced them to go: they went of their own volition.

Men flock to flicks that make them out to be… superheroes. Think of blockbusters like Iron Man and Transformers, whose successes are so driven by the male audience. It’s about a man being a huge, huge star. He’s all that (or not, at least in the beginning), and then he swoops in to save the motherfucking day. But women? Women want to see a woman raped and abused (or, they want to see a rich, powerful man become obsessed with them i.e., a regular, everyday woman. Less violent, but just as demeaning). THAT’s what they like to see. Now: why in fuck’s name, would ANYONE, with even half a brain, ever, EVER create a superhero that’s female? Men wouldn’t be that interested in seeing such a movie, because it would be about a woman saving the day. You cannot fault them for wanting to see one of their own on a pedestal. But women? Forget it – they don’t want to see one of their kind saving the fucking day, fuck, no! They want to see one of their own being raped and abused. THAT’s what they flock to see! And don’t tell me I’m being melodramatic – the opening weekend for Fifty Shades is close to being the biggest opener ever in movie hx. Now: is anyone surprised as to why there are no female superheroes?

There’s no escape from the truth exposed by this event – I’d like to see someone try. Just before this dumb fucking movie came out (no personal insult to the author or director, or crew – they were just doing their job, trying to make a buck; I’m happy they made $$), feminists and the like were going on, on articles and message boards, about how the movie makers were showing the woman nude and the man clothed, and were saying it was Hollywood, it was a bunch of men trying to demean women, blah fucking blah. I had a feeling they were wrong, but there was so much angst there I was scared to say a word. Yeah, I know, pretty pathetic.

Then the flick came out and women came out in hordes to pay homage at the altar of rape and abuse. I haven’t researched it, but I wonder how the feminists are reacting? I almost feel sorry for them. Our own kind has betrayed us. It’s very depressing.

But, there’s always hope. At least now we know a part of the truth about ourselves. That’s the first step.


2 thoughts on “The non-existent female superhero

  1. I’ve been reading what the feminists have to say about the book and the movie. They hate that it glorifies rape and abuse, and rightly so. They have not been shy about how horrible the thing is.

    There are female superheroes. So far, not many in movies, but they have been in the comics for decades. I’ll grant you that they are generally not as popular as the male superheroes, and you’re right about the part of the audience for movies and comics who identify with the protagonist. Most comic book readers, and most willing viewers of action movies, are males. Probably a large majority of both audiences are there to identify with the main character, so they are not interested if the main character is female. But not all of us men who enjoy comics and action movies identify with the hero. Some of us are just interested in good triumphing over evil (or trying to), and a good story with interesting characters. For us, it really does not matter what the gender of the main character is.

    Finally, I have heard from some of the women who actually managed to love 50 Shades, and who are not certifiably insane. They say that while the first two books have little redeeming value, the third book makes up for everything, the rape, the abuse, the pain, the humiliation, the stalking, the trespassing, the theft, all of the crap Grey inflicts on Ana, because she finally finds out that he was badly abused himself as a child, has never recovered from it, and only the magic power of Ana’s pure love can cure him. Which it does, in inexcusably shallow deus ex machina fashion, hallelujah, exeunt omnes.

    That’s the fantasy which fuels the ridiculous success of the 50 Shades books. Women are not fantasizing about being raped and treated like disposable sex toys. (Although I expect some of them are fantasizing about being irresistibly attractive to a young, handsome, powerful billionaire, despite having nothing about them to attract such a man.) They are fantasizing about being able to miraculously repair even the most damaged, broken, ruined wreck of a man. Who just happens to be a billionaire, so once he’s all perfect, he’s perfect AND RICH.

    Many women have that fantasy, of having the power to make a man into something superhuman. Most men want no part of that, in fiction or in real life.

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