Ladies, reject fashion!

Ladies, reject fashion!

Men aren’t the sole reason we lag behind them—we’re sabotaging ourselves by focusing on stupid things like clothing and makeup. While we waste time on our appearances, men are running the world. It’s like the clock’s running out, and while men are busy controlling the levers of the world, we’re busy trying to find a pair of perfectly useless high-heeled shoes. Let’s examine some facts:

  1. Larry Page, co-creator of Google—net worth $29.8 billion—wears a t-shirt and jeans to work.
  2. Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook—net worth $34.8 billion—is always wearing a t-shirt in his publicity shots.

Conclusion: clothes don’t matter. Sorry, all you fashion mavens out there—but they don’t. So why the fuck are we obsessed with looking fabulous? Is that one of our uses to society—a mere pretty OBJECT?

Men don’t bother with fashion, because they know—at an instinctual level—that it means fuck-all when compared with real achievements.

From this moment onwards—stop paying so much attention to your external appearance. Now that does not mean you should not dress appropriately. You cannot leave the house looking like shit. If you’re going to an interview, you have to wear a nice suit and shoes. If you’re invited to a wedding, you must wear a nice (and appropriately long) pastel-colored dress. If you’re going to work, you have to wear what the rulebook says.

But really, beyond that, no one gives a rat’s ass about what you wear—unless you work at a fashion agency or for a bitch like Miranda Priestley. It’s all about who you are. And, if you find folks focused on your clothing and it’s not the Oscars or something similar, then you’re with the wrong crowd, and you need to get out. Because, ladies, in the end, clothes are just a bore, and will never, EVER, satisfy you. They’re a mere distraction, like food, or drugs, or alcohol, or shopping. Things like that will never satisfy your soul, no matter how wonderful they look or taste or feel. Focus on what you like to do, and go after that. Invest all your time and effort on your talent—no matter what it may be. That is the only thing that will make you truly happy.

Sure, yeah, buy a cute outfit or two if you want, now and then—but if you find yourself obsessed over what you’ll wear to impress whom tomorrow, there’s a problem. Instead of asking yourself “what will I wear tomorrow,” ask yourself “what will I ACHIEVE tomorrow?” You’ll find much more interesting things coming to mind.

I was obsessed, for a long time. It still takes a great effort to stop thinking about it. This is a kind of disease that we as a gender have been wasting out time on. Think of all the LIVES that have been wasted in the pursuit of such shit! But if we start now and spread the word, women in generations to come will stop focusing on their appearances, and instead cultivate something a lot more satisfying—their talent to contribute to society in a meaningful and intelligent way. Spread the word, ladies!


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