Everyone and their mother is starting a streaming service. Well that was hard to predict… not! Comcast is just the latest. It’s only a matter of time before distributor DirecTV becomes a content provider. And, just like at the dawn of the internet age, a lot of these streaming services will die out and the parent companies will return to their roots as the next big trend pops up. Holograms, anyone? Everyone believes this one thing will always remain in the purview of make-believe. The problem with holograms is that it’s impossible to get a ray of light to stop suddenly in space, which is what a hologram seems to be. I wonder if they’ve tried interference. Use one plane of light as a background, and the other planes will create the hologram while interfering with the background.

But that probably makes as much sense as Matthew McConaughey surviving the black hole the way he did in Interstellar. Still, what an awesome flick! It’s my new #1. Nolan bored me until now. If he can create something like that, then he’s good. It was like 2001, only better, because it made sense. Sure that wave in the middle of the ocean was completely dumb, as was the spinning Endurance (just try spinning a top by pushing it at only one point instead of two)… and there’s also the issue of spaghettification, but maybe Coop survived because he was so small in relation to everything else… or something like that. But aside from that, it was brilliant. Great script, great acting, great cinematography, great music. The human failings in particular were wonderful. *Spoilers* Evil Matt Damon was such a lovely, lovely twist. And it’s true! Folks who lead—Napoleon, Amundsen—will absolutely sacrifice others if there’s ever a situation that threatens their agenda. Also, I’m not sure why people were upset over Brand showing that flaw thanks to her love for her crewman. Yeah, I know, it was worse because she’s a girl. It didn’t bother me one bit. It could’ve just as easily have been Romilly or Doyle. I seriously doubt Nolan went out of his way to make Brand that crazy just because she’s female. In any case, they made Edmunds’ planet the best one, so there. And I love that they didn’t solve the problem of how Coop showed up behind that bookcase and able to communicate with TARS. It was just like real life: I have a lot of respect for the intelligence of the human race, but I don’t think we’re not capable of comprehending everything out there. If we could, we’d know the reason for death and what lies beyond, if at all (it’s just one huge black hole.). And then there would be no mystery to anything, and life would awfully predictable, and it would be every bit as fun as a Hollywood sequel.

What else is new? Trainwreck will be a big hit thanks to the amazing Amy Schumer, but I doubt it’ll blow Antman away. Still, you never know. Women might turn out in droves and make it a monster they way they did that abuse-glorifying POS Fifty Shades Of Fuck-All. Then again, Paul Rudd is f* hilarious as that silly ant leader. Thank GOD Marvel has the balls to do something new! Every other studio is doing dark and gritty and that’s getting so old. I cannot watch the Comic-Con Dawn of Justice trailer. I used to love the teaser they had going right around the time Age of Ultron was coming out. Then Ultron showed up with his killer sense of humor (Spader is a GOD), and now a serious superhero is just boring. But watch! If Antman blazes, Hollywood will make everything hereafter comedic, and ruin it for us. Thanks, you stupid motherfuckers!

Okay. I think I’m done ranting for now. See you out there.


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