AMERICAN ULTRA is a seriously dumb flick. *But* it features some truly amazing actors. And that just might rescue it from languishing at the box office. Whatever else Kristen Stewart might be, she’s a wonderful actress (not counting TWILIGHT). Jesse Eisenberg is so good he’s going to be Lex Luthor in the highly anticipated BATMAN VS SUPERMAN. Topher Grace is also another top notch talent, who particularly excels here as an assholish CIA bean counter who wants to get rid of ‘deprogrammed assets.’ There’s also Connie Britton and Bill Pullman, so this is an excellent cast. Think of it as an updated, funny Jason Bourne movie, with a stoner as the sleeper agent. Plus, the action sequences are amazing. It might actually be worth a trip to the theater.

DIGGING FOR FIRE is best left for streaming. It’s about a couple struggling to hold onto a marriage. Seriously, man, if it’s that hard, just break up already. Life’s too hard. There are too many other people to fuck, and too much else to do to be hanging onto someone you’re sick of. This flick has the couple taking a day away from each other. The guy has a backyard barbecue and the lady goes on a motorcycle ride with Orlando Bloom. There’s also an old gun and a human bone used as metaphors for the degrading marriage. Yawn.

SHE’S FUNNY THAT WAY isn’t that funny. Plus, it has Jennifer Aniston. Look at her track record—every single flick she’s in is a bore. Why? She always picks safe, ultra-sanitized flicks with contrived stories. What she needs to do is take a risk and star in some violently mindbending character-based films. Until then, she’ll always be a bore onscreen. If some of her flicks make money, it’s because the people that go see them are looking for something safe. It’s possible they’re going with family, or on a date, and want something sanitized. With Jen they get ‘adult’ without the violence, bad language and/ or nudity—in other words, life. And passion. Now I’m sure Jen has tons of talent. But it’s yet to be glimpsed on the big screen. Anyhow, SHE’S FUNNY is about a director (Owen Wilson) casting a hooker (Imogen Poots) alongside his wife (Kathryn Hahn) and her ex-lover (Rhys Ifans). Aniston is the shrink. Actually… you know what? Aniston’s toned arms are worth watching on the big screen. Go see them in a theater.

SINISTER 2 is another scary movie. You know all the tropes by now. In this one a family moves into a house in which other families have been killed. Why? You got me. It defies logic. Oh and there’s a demon hanging out in the house. Anyhow, this one is also produced by Jason Blum, so the production quality is excellent. But I’m not sure it’s worth $12 plus food and sodas.

See you next week!


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