And the final word on flicks this weekend:

WALK IN THE WOODS: Don’t. Unless you want to watch two old men putter about in the woods, trying to get away from it all or something. There are a couple of bears in it. I’m amazed Redford signed up for this—he probably owes someone a favor.

TRANSPORTER REFUELED: refueled on shit. Ed Skein and the hookers are nice to look at, but the Audi is the real star. So unless you like watching long commercials, skip this. I wonder how much $ Audi funneled into this.

BEFORE WE GO: Can you say sappy? Captain America has a lot to learn about directing. Don’t be a guinea pig for his directorial debut.

MAN IN THE MACHINE: The director does a good job of showing Steve’s dark side—which is good for the millions of Apple worshipers the world over. See this documentary if you are an Apple worshiper. Otherwise, Wikipedia will suffice.

CREEP: Don’t watch this if you’re a pussy. This is terrifying. You won’t look at Craigslist ads the same way ever again—and the scenes here will plague you for days. A videographer responds to an ad from a dying young guy wanting to record a day in his life for his unborn son. But one of them is a nut. Things go downhill terrifyingly.

That’s it. Hope everyone’s enjoying the last few days of summer.


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