The other day when I was watching the House Of Cards Season 4 dream sequence (Frank, while he’s down), it hit me again that this life is a dream. Yes, cliched, but read on.

Each day we live the cycle: we awaken, live, and die when we go to sleep. I’ve always hated sleep—I’m not sure why. It’s like a thing that overcomes me and I have no way to stop it. It’s not frightening, it’s just sort of inconvenient. It’s like a small death, an inkling of the final great thing. And the next day it happens all over again.

This life is simply a parade of symbols. Your parents are a symbol, your boss another, your friends another, your house and car another. All just symbols. Or holograms. That’s why they all vanish eventually. Because nothing’s real, it’s all just energy. Einstein (or whoever he copied his theories from…?) was right. It’s all just energy transformed into the physical, a manifestation of something that we’re still not aware of.

We’re all holograms. The smarter ones among us retain our intelligence right up to the moment of death; the ones who don’t care as much lose it before that moment. We’re like ‘blanks’ that you see in flicks about clones: the blanks are filled in with memories and such as life progresses. If your mind is strong enough to retain all that, you’ll be yourself until death, and not lose it in some form of dementia. Dementia is your body returning to that ‘blank’ template state. So never stop reaching for whatever crazy goals you have, because that’s what will keep you ‘you’ until the end. Yes, that’s right… use your brain or lose it! Some of those silly memes can be pretty terrifying.

When we die, we’ll awaken and realize that it was all just a dream. What happens next will be unique to each of us, depending on what we chose to believe in while we were ‘alive.’ Isn’t that great? Existence is like the gift that keeps on giving. You can choose to see whatever you want to see. Those of you who believe in God, will see God. Those of you who want to see aliens will see aliens. If you believe eternity is ruled by evil aliens, then you’ll see evil aliens. I imagine the first few moments of death (after your body stops functioning) will be like being in an empty space, surrounded by darkness. You’ll be terrified. You’ll struggle to calm yourself and in your terror you’ll see shapes and forms, just like in a dream. Things will progress, again, according to your beliefs. And suddenly there you are, in your new life—whatever that might be.

Life is a dream. We cling to beliefs because letting go of them is terrifying. Being unanchored was terrifying way back when our primitive brain was evolving—it probably meant being cut off from the herd and consequently an increased chance of death. So we love anchors. Like parents: we cling to them, unconsciously, decades after we leave them. They’re always in our minds, like a shadow, but a non-malign shadow, albeit authoritative. We keep listening to them and using them as a yardstick long after we’ve outlived the purpose (of playing by their rules, so that things are peaceful while we’re living under their roof). And this is how we lose years out of our lives—by paying penance to their ideas long after we stop needing them to shelter us. But that feeling of paying homage to them anchors us. Even if they were evil, that anchor is still a source of comfort. Letting go of that is terrifying. Suddenly there are no rules, no authoritative figure to turn to or blame. Suddenly it’s all our fault—not theirs.

And suddenly, too, the victories are ours—not theirs. Just like Al Bundy taking all the credit for winning the Testica 2000. Yup! So let’s all go out there and cut our ties. Ties suck. They just tie you down, no matter what.

And remember, it’s all just a fucking dream. Live like you’re going to wake up tomorrow.


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