So, are the major studios trying to buy Yahoo’s core properties? They should. Content is king, and that’s what studios claim to have. Their struggle is, how do they sell that content to their audiences? Right now they’re shelling out a lot of cash to hawk said fare, and have to contend with potentially troublesome (Dish vs. Viacom) deals with cable/ wireless/ satellite companies for those sacred distribution rights. With something as handy as that Yahoo search engine, they’d get a nice chunk of the cash that normally goes to those pesky ad companies, and in the process sell content to everyone who comes to Yahoo. Sure the studios have websites now, but, relatively speaking, only a small percentage of folks use them, since they don’t offer anything a person would want who isn’t interested in their shows. Now they will still have to pay the pipelines, but that’s probably easier than working out distribution deals. Done properly, ads and search should generate enough revenue to even buy the pipeline itself.

Unfortunately, as it stands, Yahoo will probably be bought by those liars at Verizon, who are hungry for a piece of the pie currently owned by giants like Google. With Yahoo search, they’ll get a huge, HUGE, ready-made audience to sell to. A year ago I said that the best way to play the changing internet market is by being both—the pipeline and the content provider. I also said all the pipelines will begin creating content, which is exactly what is happening now—AT&T is devoting a ton of $ to developing original content, and so is DirecTV and Verizon (and I just saw an ad saying TMobile will stream you damn near anything—Netflix, HBO Now, YouTube, Hulu, Sling, ESPN—free of data charges. First one’s always free, if you know what I mean! How long do you think it’ll be before they start generating original content?). WME-IMG (one of the biggest talent agencies in Hollywood), according to those two fine fellas in that flashy THR article, is being backed by major players in China (electronics companies) who want original content… and by Verizon. But, back to Yahoo—the other big bidder is Softbank, but I doubt they’ll succeed:  Jack Ma does NOT want Japan to have any say in what happens to any part of Alibaba. I don’t blame him. Plus, Japan and China have been at each others’ throats for just about ever.

And Marissa Meyer’s fate?  I seriously doubt she’s freaking out. In her mind I think she moved on a LONG time ago. She has something else she’s been wanting to try, and it’ll be a rough transition, no doubt, but anything worth getting is worth the hassle… or something like that. I kinda like Marissa. I think she did bite off more than she could chew, but the board at the time hired her voluntarily. They knew her qualifications quite well. Sure she made her mistakes, but hey, history is littered with far bloodier things. Besides, it’s not like anyone died over Yahoo (over Apple, maybe, but not Yahoo).

What does all this mean? Well, for one thing, I’m in the wrong place. I should be in Hollywood, stirring the pot, screaming at someone to get the cash together to buy that search engine… instead of sitting here merely writing about it. Anyone have $6B lying around the house?

What else is going on? Chris Hemsworth cannot hold a movie if he’s not playing Thor. Even his abs didn’t help him in Winter’s War. Charlize at the very least was a really great bitchy queen. I mean, either you got it or you don’t. Jennifer Lawrence absolutely has it. Jessica Chastain—well, she’s an excellent actress. Alicia Vikander? Dunno. I want her to be a great lead, but my instincts tell me she’s best in a supporting role. Then again, actors can always be schooled and directed. But never fear, Hemsworth is Thor, and that’s not changing any time soon – or will it? He’s not in Civil War


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