It’s lonely. I just realized that I’m going to be lonely regardless of who is around me. Whether they’re there, or not, I’ll be lonely. Because that’s just how it is. The fallacy lies in trying to fill that void. It’s not fillable. You cannot fill something like that –it’ll be there no matter what you do. You can go to the ends of the world trying to fill that and you’ll never succeed. Once you accept that fact, things get better. It’s crazy the things people do to try and fill that—it’s the root of a lot of problems. You think money will solve it: if you make more money, you’ll get more love, and so on. Some think friends and family will solve it. Doubtful. That’s like filling space with empty chatter. Others try drugs and alcohol and other fun addictions. No. Once you come down, your loneliness will be right there waiting for you, waving a big hello. Others think it’s looks. Nope. Some of the hottest folks on the planet went nuts because they could not get around their loneliness. Once you accept that you’re alone, that you can never ever get rid of that feeling, you’ll just feel so much better. I mean, there will be people who’ll come along and make it go away for a while. These people are fun and are probably as good as a great high. But your loneliness will return, eventually. Make it your friend, your companion. Then you’ll never be lonely ever again.

Why is it parents never tell you these things? They fill your head with all their stupid notions but leave out the important things. Like loneliness. If they’d told me that years ago—hey watch out for loneliness. It’ll find you, and it’ll stay by your side forever. Don’t try to fight it. Make friends with it. Don’t try and replace it with anything, because if you do, you’ll just get into trouble. Nothing you replace it with will ever compare. Yeah if they’d told me that, I’d have avoided all the stupid pitfalls I had. The pitfalls of trying to fit in. And so many of those are there. Trying to be accepted.

Think of all the hate groups out there. Whether they realize it or not, people who join these groups know full well what they really are about: hate. They’re not about a certain group of people, or a race, or anything. Hate groups are about just one thing: hatred. That’s it. You hate, and you find others who hate, and you keep company with them. And now you are part of a thing, and you have friends in that, and you never have to be alone because you got this one special thing together. How dumb is that? There’s nothing out there! There’s nothing out there to hate. We’re all just seeing projections of ourselves, of what we are perceiving the world to be. That’s it. The world is literally any way you want it to be. That’s another way that we know that it’s an illusion. Because if it weren’t, there would not be so many million different perceptions of one thing. And we’d never die. Our bodies would never age. We’d stay this way forever. But the body is an illusion, so when we die, it fades away. Just like a hologram. Just like all things. And where do we go? No clue. Too bad there isn’t any research being done into that final great thing. Or maybe it’s good: I mean, it’s the final great thing. Let’s keep it a mystery. A beautiful, beautiful mystery, like a gift for having made it through that crazy struggle. I think death is a wonderful thing. But here’s the thing: holograms are energy. So they do return to their original particles. When we die will we be conscious of what we become? I think we will. See you out there.


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