The other day I had the chance to talk to these two security guards where I work. I was asking them about these two gleaming black SUV’s with government tags that were parked in the shipping dock. That was totally rare, and they looked new, so I knew it wasn’t just some jackass, it had to be something important. But they had no clue. I figured if it was a dignitary there’d be a lot more security. So it was some sort of business, but not to do with some stupid celebrity or politician, and that made it even more interesting. It was like seeing the cogs and gears of our machine working. I wanted to know which agency and so forth. I could’ve gone to the security office but by that point I figured no one would tell me what was going on anyway, so I dropped the issue and we began to talk about the devil.

This is a fascinating point because you know it’s all perception. Tons has been written about the devil, but no one knows the truth. It’s kinda like bigfoot, but on a huge scale, and with a lot more passion, and from billions more people. Anyhow, the young guy said that this one time he tried coke, and went home and had a terrifying dream about the devil, and woke up with burns because the dream had been about hell. I tried to tell him that it was psychosomatic, because his belief was that powerful, but he wasn’t hearing that. He thought his belief was reality.

I think good and bad exists in all of us. It’s not outside, but within. Everything is within. There is no separate entity anywhere. We are all part of one single entity. That’s the contradiction. We’re separate, with separate perceptions of reality, but still all part of the same organism. As long as we think we’re disparate entities, there will be a problem. We need to recognize that we’re all part of one thing. What each of us does has a profound effect on the rest. So we need to be considerate of others, no matter what we do.

So why even bother with the devil or God? Well, it’s fear. What are we doing here? How did we get here? No one has the answers to these questions. It’s possible we lack the programming to understand the answers (hello, Agent Smith). Yes, we might even be holograms, but thinking and feeling holograms. So we conjure up god and the devil to explain away our fears. There’s a devil, and s/he’s bad, but god is there and s/he’s our friend. If you choose to think that you can make a pact with the devil (because you think s/he’s more responsive), that will become your reality, and you’ll see things that confirm that belief. If you think the universe is loving, that becomes your reality, and you’ll see things happen that confirm that belief.

It’s great that you can choose what to see and what to focus on. But one caveat: be careful about what you want to see. If you’re not honest with yourself, your subconscious will exert its force, and if it’s not nice, you’ll see some horrifying things start to manifest. So be kind to yourself. Look within, dispel your crazy thoughts, talk to your shadow, and then decide what you want to see.

Let me know what happens. Also, don’t blame me if you see the devil. Good luck.


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