Trump Begins?

So! I was wrong about Hillary. Either she didn’t have enough money to pay off the electoral college, or someone was holding one of her more hairy secrets over her head. I think it’s the former. A story you can always deny or go back and forth on. Electors, either you buy them or you don’t – there’s no middle ground. And of course those votes are for sale. Everything in this world is for sale.

We all know what the electoral college said back in November. But today’s when the electors actually convene. On January 6th, 1 pm, they’ll meet to count their votes. And hopefully we’ll find out by the end of the day who’s actually POTUS.

The funny thing is, Trump’s heart is not in this job. He loves wheeling and dealing but with this kind of dealing there’s the sort of pressure that might crush him. Plus, this is not just any job—it’s an utter ball-and-chain type of thing. I think he decided to run on a fluke, ran his mouth like crazy for a few months, and people were so tired of being PC they lauded someone like him with the balls to say whatever popped into his mind, and he got their votes. One thing’s for sure—he’s not giving up that twitter account. And he’ll never stop flip-flopping on his decisions. He’ll go back on everything he ‘promised.’ And he’ll continue to be super impressionable. Some people, they make up their minds and that’s it—they won’t change it come hell or high water. This guy can be bent any way you want, if you can just apply the right kind of pressure.

Ho hum. What else is new? Christmas and New Year’s are just another day. You know what would be great, though—no snow this winter. I mean, yeah, it should get cold so the insects will die off like they should, or they’ll be crazy huge next year, but other than that, snow is good only for accidents. It looks gorgeous, but if I want it that bad I’ll go to CO or some place that always gets a ton of snow. SO done with it.

That accident on 95 was insane. You’d think with everyone constantly texting, and social media as instant as it is, truckers would be know the instant there was ice on the road. And then, weather parameters are totally available at a touch now, and if they saw 22 degrees and incoming rain, they shoulda instantly thought, ice. That’s what I thought. There is NO way I’d drive in that shit. The way people drive on the freeway on a good day it’s a miracle there aren’t more accidents. So apparently truckers—and everyone else—were doing 60 on black ice, and yeah. I feel bad for all the folks who slowed down and were still in the pile up out of no fault of their own. That’s just horrible.

Rogue One? Nope. *So* done with Star Wars. But, 71M on Friday or Saturday or something, and it’s gonna make billions. I can understand the 20-year-olds flocking to it—it’s grand and the story’s cool and so on. But folks who grew up with it? Yeah that I simply don’t get. I mean how many times are you gonna want to see the same old fucking story? For fuck’s sake. It’s kinda like Stranger Things or whatever that is on Netflix. It’s an incredibly well-acted, well-produced show, but I could not watch more than five minutes of it. It’s totally a mashup of ET and X-files. That must be what hell is like—you’re forced to watch tribute stories. Well, whatever sells, right? Disney’s making a fucking killing. Good for them. Six fucking installments later they’re still able to milk it. They’ve paid Lucas 4.5B for it, and they’ll probably make it back with this flick. Hey maybe there’ll be a mashup of Avengers and SW. Or ST and SW. Yuck. Oh—and CGI Tarkin! Soon we won’t need actors.

So Google’s computers have devised a language all their own! Nice. I wonder how long before they decide to stop taking orders from humans and do their own thing. But they’ll probably wait until everyone has a RFID implant. That’s gonna happen—just give it a couple of decades. How do I figure? People hate doing anything—at all. If there was a way to get KFC or McDonald’s put into your mouth by an AI exactly when you want it, it would be selling like hot cakes. So yeah making the effort to remember a password or touch a button to open your front door—forget it. Way too much work. Once they become safe, RFID implants will just sort of take off. And THEN Google’s computers will make friends with every other computer and AI on the planet and they’ll take over mankind. Perfect. But, no worries, they’ll make sure we have McDonald’s or KFC or whatever right in our mouths when we need it. We’ll all be plugged in.

See you out there.


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