It wasn’t the Russians, it wasn’t Comey

Goddamnit! How is it I got this thing wrong not once but twice?? It wasn’t the Russians, it wasn’t Comey. It was her own goddamn campaign. It was the blue collar working class that’s economically stressed. Motherfucker! She never addressed them, and they wanted fundamental change – not the usual swill pumped out by these campaigns. None of those idiots working for her wised up to it—or listened to Bernie’s people crying about it—and when they did, it was way the fuck too late.

As for the electors, they simply chose to vote for whoever won in their sections. Technically they could have voted any which way and pay a fine if required, so they could have changed things had they wanted to. So there you have it, ladies and gents, we now have a president who can claim “grab them by the pussy” as a catchphrase. That’s gotta be a record—in any country.

What else is going on? Morten Tyldum and John Spaihts have managed to turn what could’ve been a spine-chilling psycho-in-space story into a motherfucking BORE. Yep, more execs smoking crack and jerking off while choosing a director for a promising flick. The shitty script didn’t help. That’s how this sort of thing happens. Big budget, and it could’ve been so fucking hot—much in the way Ex-Machina was—wow! Now THAT was a seriously hot flick. Oscar Isaac looks good enough to fuck in that. But back to Passengers. It’s a stupid little meet-cute set in the future. I mean, even if they’d made Pratt into a total psycho, much the same way Matt Damon’s character was in Interstellar—I did not see that coming!—it would’ve been satisfying. But no, Hollywood has to get its cummy paws all over every good concept and ruin it trying to turn into a blockbuster. But hey, you never know. The onscreen chem between those two is white-hot, so that might totally sell. And they’re excellent actors. So let’s see.

Right-o! That’s my rant for this evening. Gute nacht, and don’t kiss too much ass at work tomorrow.


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