Hey I’m back, baby! Yeah. Look out!

Or not. Yeah, I know, I’m a lazy fuck. It’s been months. Why in fuck’s name would you follow me? At all? I can‘t be bothered to make regular entries even on my own blog. If that’s not lazy I don’t know what is.

So why did you come back? Because you love me! Or rather, my writing! Yes, I am super awesome at that. Read and weep, minions, you’re so not worthy… God, I am awful. Just fucking awful, and I don’t even hide it.

Sorta like someone else we all know… The Orange One! Lately he’s been more pink. Anyone else notice? And he looks slimmer in publicity shots. Or at least MSN runs nice pictures of him. Not that it’s not okay to have a bit of poundage. That’s cool.

Yeah, MSN! I get my news from everywhere. I read everything. Even Fox. Ya gotta read everyone.

So… Comey! Yup. That happened. And then McCabe said, “we still love Comey (so fuck you!)! Yea, we all did, and we still do.”  So much for that standing ovation.

So the guy fires Comey and then says, “oh yeah, Russia was on my mind at the time.” WTF? Why would he say that? Was that just completely stupid of him to say? Or was it calculated? We know he fired Comey because of the Russia investigation—that was clear. But why would he come out and say it? And yeah it didn’t help that Comey refused to stay loyal to him (“but I wanna date other people, Donald!” “What the…? Jim? Why are you talking like Melania?”). Here’s a fact: no one’s loyal in politics (or anywhere else). They’ll help, but only if it helps them out. What was great about Comey was that he had the integrity (and bravery) to say, “fuck no, I’m not playing ball with whatever dumb shit you and your gang of crazies cooks up.”

But back to the point—no one’s gonna be ‘loyal’ in the Game Of Politics. That being the case, the smart thing for any president to do, would be to have everyone as part of the administration anyway—that way the positives and negatives cancel each other out. I’d’ve left Comey on. At least you know he’s not a total yes-man. It’s dumb to surround yourself with a bunch of puppets—you’ll be shooting down any chance of getting the truth. Besides, Trump himself isn’t loyal to anyone. Well—maybe to Pooty. But that’s it. Also, just loved the fact that he ‘warned’ Comey after firing him … and that he may have recorded conversations… Jesus. HOUSE OF CARDS is gonna have to work seriously hard to top this shit (about that—do NOT disappoint me, you cocksuckers!).

Anyway, I get the nagging feeling that there’s something bigger going on that this Comey thing was just the cover up for. And where’s Bannon at these days?

On the movie front—who knew Goldie and Amy would be so awesome together? Too bad no one on the team nixed that stupid fucking kidnapping plot, or SNATCHED would’ve been the pre-summer comedy hit. And Eva! Oh, Eva. So wasted in LOWRIDERS. Yeah there’s not a whole lotta lowridin’ going on there either.

COVENANT should be fun. The Chestburster’s super cute. But methinks the series is starting to turn a bit. So will I be going? Only if you are! Let me know.


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