It’s fascinating that the WannaCry cyberattack is happening at a time when Trump is puffing out his chest, digging in his heels and staunchly defending his affection for Putin. Is it possible someone wanted to show him who’s really the boss?

Like… the intelligence community.

Information has always been king. In this day and age, let’s face it, it seems more powerful than God.

Trump has long since been at war with the intelligence community. I’m sure they loved it when he tried to install Bannon in their midst.

‘Intelligence’ is all about control. And I get it. To a certain extent you do have to control what’s out there. When you’re dealing with millions of people, you have to careful about what you say. You’re dealing with their emotions, their fates. You’d assume that a leader of a nation—such as a president—would know this sort of thing by instinct, and therefore know not to randomly run his mouth. This, however, is not the case with Trump. To make things worse, he feels that the agencies are trying to rein him in. And there’s nothing he hates more.

On October 7th 2016, DHS said that Russia directed the hacking effort at the election. Two days later, Trump’s debate note: ‘no they did not.’ Dec 9th: “yeah they got the facts about Saddam wrong.’ In January 2017, the community released a report that said that Putin had developed a liking for Trump; and on Jan 3rd, Trump tweeted that the agencies delayed a meeting with him because they wanted to get their case against Russia set up right first. Then he accused them of trying to ‘take shots at him,’ that there were leaks of a story that the Russians had damaging info on him; that the leaks came from within the agencies. A few days ago, he fired Comey. And today, he spills code-word intel to the Russian ambassador and foreign minister. Not the best of relationships.

So now tell me, who has powerful motivation to show him just how well they can control his Russian pals? Russia, if you remember, was hit pretty hard by the cyberattack. Then came Britain and Germany. Those are some pretty big targets. But when you’re dealing with a student as powerful as the office of the POTUS, and a person as stubborn as Trump, perhaps the lesson should be just as stinging. I wonder how hard it would be for some well-funded folks to listen to the hackers on the dark web… watch them use those well-worn tools… let them do their thing… and then, bam! Mayhem. Yeah it’s heartless. But look at whom they were trying to get through to.

I hope I’m wrong.

And that crap about North Korea being behind the cyberattack? Yeah it’s crap. North Korea’s foremost target would’ve been us. But we were well-protected, thanks to MS and the NSA (sure be fuck buddies – I don’t give a shit), and Russia got hit pretty bad. It’s so not surprising that this explanation is being offered up by Symantec and Kapersky – AV is stupid dumb shit, doesn’t protect you in any way, and if anything, increases the surface area for a virus attack. The only reason software companies deal with them is because millions of people have totally bought into the idea of ‘anti-virus,’ and it’s hard to convince them otherwise.

Alrighty then! Back to the grind.


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